Yes, academics are human too. They need to promote themselves and their institutes.  The Institute of Product Leadership, the first of its kind in Asia, hired us to create a promotional video for their launch.

The outsourcing industry is dominated by large IT companies from India. But as growth slows, Indian IT companies are looking for new engines for growth. At the same time, Indian IT professionals are looking for personal career growth. They’ve built software for global corporations, traveled to all corners of the world. What’s next? India does not have many world-class technology product companies. That is the next frontier. Indian IT professionals want to apply their energies to creating large software and hardware companies out of India. Indians know how to create IT services with 24-hour hotlines and global delivery schedules. Indian engineers can code, but lack productization expertise. The Institute of Product Leadership fills that need, and helps Indian IT grow into the products space.

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The Art of the Soft Sell

SAP recently commissioned us for another whiteboard video. This time the theme was promoting their extensive Solutions Extensions portfolio to IT departments. Solutions Extensions are third-party products, often  market leaders in their respective categories, that plug into the SAP product portfolio to make things easier and less complex for the end-customer. SAP takes responsibility for supporting the solution extensions and works things out with their partner companies to provide seamless end-to-end support to the customer. The customer benefits because they have “one throat to choke” and has fewer vendors to deal with. They also future-proof their investment in SAP technology because the partner’s roadmaps are synchronized with SAP’s.  Win-win for all.

Being a techie myself, I know how techies feel when an advertisement or a salesperson makes bombastic claims. Our whiteboard videos win the hearts and minds of viewers by employing the art of the soft sell.

If you’d like a video like this made for your company, we offer a free, no-obligations and no-pressure consultation. Please do send us an email at

Techies love Whiteboard videos. They’re used for software selling. Perhaps it is that techies don’t like being sold. Perhaps it makes them feel that they’re in a classroom and their favorite professor who doesn’t have an agenda is explaining things to them in a reassuring voice.

Tech Marketing departments love Whiteboard videos. SAP commissioned us to make a whiteboard video promoting the BI 4.0 release to their OEM partners. The format chosen was the whiteboard video format.

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Someone said that whiteboarding was like wakeboarding. At the time, I didn’t know what he meant. But after a client said the same thing, I began to wonder..

Actually the exhilaration the artist feels from finishing an exquisite whiteboard video is pretty special indeed.. The artist draws out an illustration on the whiteboard. The audience watches. The artist makes a great move, the audience breaks out into spontaneous applause. The artist can wipe out just like a wakeboarder can. But when it all comes together, it is indeed a work of art. Its something special.

Here’s a segment from one of the earliest drafts of a whiteboard video we did recently. Notice the retro effect, dull lines, the 1940s clothes of the protagonists. We wanted a somewhat authentic voiceover, not a salesy one. In the age of Instagram, the retro effect has become quite popular.


Here’s another take on the same subject, with less of a retro effect. Darker lines, with squiggly noises (are they amusing or annoying?) and the salesyness dialed up a wee bit. And what would a work of art be without a flaw – Shinjuku is wrongly spelt Shunjuku. I say it all adds to the attraction of the piece🙂

What sayest thou?

Notice the smoothness of the movement in the dance routines. MJ would’ve been proud.

This is an example of a video in which the characters do not have rich detail but is funny enough that it becomes memorable and hence increases the name recall of the site.

Cutout style animation is especially useful in explaining interactions between objects. Characters are drawn, as if on paper, then placed on a background, often like a whiteboard, and fingers or hands are used to move them around. These are great, for example for dating site. “Here’s Harry. He meets Sally.” And you can drag Harry and Sally together and put animate a heart into the mix. Its simple, attractive and gets the point across.


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